Creating Your Residency Match Winning Plan with AxeUSCE

We offer advanced National Readmission Database (NRD) statistical analysis interactive zoom-based group sessions. Our statisticians are MD doctors with over 200+ research papers and abstracts. We offer STATA-based training on the NRD database. These are perfect courses to perform your own clinical research studies and are ideal for residency and fellowship applicants. Students are responsible to have their own statistical software before taking the courses. Before you enroll in this course you need DUA training of HCUP, and send us a certificate. Our course contents include the following.

Understanding of NRD data elements

Unpacking of NRD

Creating variables with multiple methods

Bootstrapping of variables

Elixhauser/Charlson Index

Univariate/bivariate and multiple logistic regression

Hazards ratio analysis

Forest plot training

Trend analysis

Most common causes of readmission 30 day, 60 day, 90 days, 180 days and 270 days

Merging multiple-year databases and accurate training on trend of readmissions

Propensity match analysis

Follow the official website of the Health Care Cost and Utilization Project for the National Readmission Database Data Elements. NRD Courses.

For more details about AxeUSCE NRD course contact customer support at or call/WhatsApp at +1 (347) 878‑3898‬

Note: These courses are intended to increase scholarly activities, improve statistical understanding of the physicians, medical students, and other healthcare professionals.

Creating Your Residency Match Winning Plan with AxeUSCE